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A Life Examined
...because the unexamined life is not worth living



 Joshua Woo


 Steven Sim


 Sarah Lim

Reflections of An MWIS

Born and bred in the beautiful island state of Pulau Pinang, Joshua had one day decided that there is a larger world beyond the Penang Bridge. And so in 2002, he went onboard the Star Cruise to work and embarked to discover his calling. (Of all places!). After floating about the North China Sea for a year plus, he decided that he had enough of stormy waters and wanted to land. Being an islander, a beach boy at heart, the next best thing than to go back to Pulau Pinang was to settle in Singapore. Therefore, currently he joins thousands of others as a Malaysian Working in Singapore (MWIS).

With whatever free time he has and when the boss is not looking, Joshua writes for this column. The articles are mostly a reflection of his personal search for truth. They were written to answer his own critical questions regarding Christianity and life generally.  Being a pursuer of the Truth, he welcomes fellow seekers to interact with him through emails and other means.   Drop him a mail at

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My Idea of Christmas
November 26, 2004 [10:30 pm]
The Christian Fellowship of Universiti
Kebangsaan Malaysia will be organizing a
Christmas celebration on 21-Dec-04 at 7.30 pm 
in the Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak.
Keep us in prayers as we prepare for the event.
Come on that day to join in the celebration!
November 13, 2004 [03:00 am]
Family Affair
Eve : Men are weak
Adam : You are weaker than I am because you 
are made out of my bone.
Eve : Yes, I was made out of your bone. Thanks 
to your lousy bone that now I can anticipate
Adam : That shows that you are weak. I am
stronger than you. I am to rule over you.
Eve : Oh, you can’t rule over me! You are
weaker, that’s why you need me to help 
you. Without me, you are not complete (or 
rather “not 
competent” – Eve thought secretly)
Adam : Peace, peace. Be submissive, 
don’t argue.
Eve : I hate it when you use that! Urrggghh…
Stick No Bill
November 13, 2004 [02:00 am]
Holiday Packages!!
Package 1
Eternal holidays! The best package you can ever 
get. Guaranteed to be beautiful and peaceful.
Come and feel love in the air!
Venue: The Palace of God, Eternal Kingdom
Date and Time: Eternity
Cost: Don’t bother. It has been paid for
You’d better book now! Call Jesus at 
1800-eternal line. 24 hours 7 days a week.
Remember, it is your freewill to choose.
Package 2
Eternal holidays! Guaranteed to be HOT! HOT! 
HOT! Don’t miss it. Come and dare 
yourself to feel the heat, the excitement 
of being roasted everyday. Join in the 
crowd to yell your lungs out.
Venue: The Lake of Fire, Eternal Hell
Date and Time: Eternity
Cost: Depend on season. Call now to find 
Contact Mr. S.A. Tan now at 666-hades HOTline. 
Each call will be charged at 50 cents per minute 
on weekdays and 20 cents per minute 
on weekends. If you are the 100th caller 
of the week, you’ll get a discount of up to 70%. 
Call now!
Remember, it is your freewill to choose.
The Empty Thoughts That Queue
November 12, 2004 [02:10 am]
I am confused
as much as my age that I’d abused
it is still
nothing can be amused
none can it produce
I can't, I can't use
emptiness is what it adduced
it has been sealed!
it has been sealed!