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‘Yes,’ my friend said. ‘I don’t see why there shouldn’t be books in Heaven.

But you will find that your library in Heaven contains only some of the books

you had on earth.’

                ‘Which?’ I asked.

                ‘The ones you gave away or lent.’

                ‘I hope the lent ones won’t still have

all the borrowers’ dirty thumb-marks,’ said I.

                ‘Oh yes they will,’ said he. ‘But just

as the wounds of the martyrs will have turned into beauties, so you will

find that the thumb-marks have turned into beautiful illuminated capitals or exquisite marginal woodcuts.’


                                                                                                                - C.S. Lewis “SCRAPS” -


*The Agora gang may contact me to borrow these books.


ID Title Author
cbio0038 A Sense of The Sacred Kathryn Spink
cbio0046 John Sung My Teacher Timothy Tow
cbio0068 John Calvin Sam Wellman
cbio0069 Saint Augustine Racheal Philips
cbio0071 The Confessions St. Augustine
cbio0072 Grace Abounding John Bunyan
cbio0081 Tan Chee Khoon Tan Chee Khoon
cbio0095 God's Smuggler Bro. Andrew
cdia0035 The Spirit of Hinduism David Burnett
chis0001 The History of The Church Eusebius
chis0023 I Will Pour Out My Spirit R.E.Davies
chis0036 Cross and Sword H. McKennie Goodpasture
chis0037 Disciples of McIntire Timothy To
chis0042 God's Chinese Son Jonathan Spencer
clit0002 The Pilgrim's Progress John Bunyan
clit0010 Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis
clit0062 The Screwtape Letters C.S. Lewis
clit0063 Miracles C.S. Lewis
clit0064 Surprised By Joy C.S. Lewis
clit0065 The Problem of Pain C.S. Lewis
clit0066 Literature, Philosophy & Short Stories C.S. Lewis
clit0075 The Four Loves C.S. Lewis
cliv0094 Lies Women Believe Nancy Leigh DeMoss
cliv0098 The Fragrance of Beauty Joyce Landorf
cliv0110 In, But Not Of Hugh Hewitt
cphi0009 The Gagging of God Don A. Carson
cphi0013 The Practice of the Presence/The Way of Perfection Bro. Lawrence/Teresa
cphi0045 In Search of Self Vishal Mangalwadi
cphi0067 God's People in God's Land Christopher Wright
cphi0106 The City of God Augustine of Hippo
cphi0115 The Inner Life Thomas a Kempis
cphi0116 The Dark Night of the Soul St. John of the Cross
crcc0030 The Logic of Solidarity (ed.)Gregory B./Robert E.
crcc0034 Towards a Theology of Dialogue Edmund Chia
crcc0044 God Among Men Pasquale Foresi
csal0031 Beyond AD 2000 Hwa Yung
csal0032 In Search of a Responsible Society Loh Soon Choy
csal0096 Feeding on Ashes Daniel Chua Meng Wah
cthe0003 We Believe in One God Albert Sundararaj Walters
cthe0004 The Grace of God Charles Caldwell Ryrie
cthe0005 The Holy Spirit in the Latter Days Harold Lindsell
cthe0008 The Bride of the Lamb Sergius Bulgakov
cthe0011 Exegetical Fallacies Don A. Carson
cthe0012 Christian Theology Millard Erickson
cthe0014 Great Sermons on Birtth,Death & Resurrection (ed.)Wilbur Smith
cthe0015 Commentary on the Epist. To the Romans Charles Hodge
cthe0016 Old Testament Digest v1 William MacDonal/Mike H.
cthe0017 Old Testament Digest v2 William MacDonal/Mike H.
cthe0018 Old Testament Digest v3 William MacDonal/Mike H.
cthe0019 Mangoes or Bananas? Hwa Yung
cthe0020 The Drama of Decision:Baptism in NT Oscar S. Brooks
cthe0021 Discipline or Shame? Wong Fong Yang
cthe0022 How to Read the Bible for all its Worth Gordon Fee/Douglas Stuart
cthe0024 Reincarnation v Resurrection John Snyder
cthe0025 The Search for Salvation David F. Wells
cthe0026 Kept by the Power of God Howard Marshall
cthe0027 Kingdom Concerns Ken Gnanakan
cthe0028 When Song is New Ronal Barclay Allen
cthe0029 Open to Glory Carol D/Thomas H. Troeger
cthe0033 A Different Gospel Johnson Lim
cthe0041 NT Interpretation (ed.)Howard Marshall
cthe0048 A Christian Theology of the OT George Knight
cthe0049 True Spirituality Francis Schaeffer
cthe0073 Christian Apologetics Cornelius Van Til
cthe0093 A Light for Our Path GCF
cthe0097 Know What You Believe Paul E. Little
cthe0100 The Other Side of the Good News Larry Dixon
cthe0102 A Different Gospel D.R. McConneell
cthe0103 How to Know You're Saved Donald Cole
cthe0104 The Population of Heaven Ramesh Richard
cthe0108 The Fundamentals (2 vols) (ed.) Torrey
cthe0109 The Ten Commandments William Barclay
cthe0113 The Grace of God and the Will of Man Clark H. Pinnock
cthe0114 The Bible and The Future Anthony A. Hoekema
wbio0053 The Confession Jean-Jacques Rousseau
wbio0080 Azmi Khalid (ed.)Chandra Muzaffar
wbio0082 Lord Goddard Fenton Bresler
wbio0091 Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler
whis0085 Asia Dalam Perubahan Gilbert Khoo & Dorothy Lo
whis0111 The Early History of Rome Livy
wlaw0083 The Judaic Law Corlett & Moore
wlaw0084 The Genesis of Justice Alan Dershowitz
wlit0006 The Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne
wlit0040 War and Peace Leo Tolstoy
wlit0043 Lord Arthur Savile's Crime & Ohr Stories Oscar Wilde
wlit0050 The Idiot Fyodor Dostoevsky
wlit0051 Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoevsky
wlit0056 The Age of Innocence Edith Wharton
wlit0060 The Travels Marco Polo
wlit0070 The Odyssey Homer
wlit0074 Erewhon Samuel Butler
wlit0076 Angela's Ashes Frank McCourt
wlit0077 'Tis Frank McCourt
wphi0039 The Communist Manifesto Karl Marx/Friedrich Engel
wphi0047 Rights of Man Thomas Paine
wphi0052 The Republic Plato
wphi0054 Ecce Home Friedrich Nietzshe
wphi0055 Murder Trials Cicero
wphi0057 The Bhagavadgita Unknown
wphi0058 The Origin of Species Charles Darwin
wphi0059 Art of War/Book of Lord Shang Sun Tzu/Shang Yang
wphi0061 The Birth of Tragedy Friedrich Nietzsche
wphi0078 Zen & Japanese Culture Daisetz Suzuki
wphi0086 The Spirit of the Chinese People Unknown
wphi0089 Tao Te Ching Lao Tze
wphi0090 My Country and My People Lin Yutang
wphi0092 Ibn Khaldun's Theory of Soial Sc Syed Omar Syed Agil
wphi0099 Sun Tzu Art of War Ralph Sawyer
wphi0105 Wittgenstein's Poker Edmonds, David & Eidinow, John
wphi0107 The Art of Rhetoric Aristotle
wphi0112 Wittgenstein's Poker David Edmonds & John Eidinow
wpol0079 Melayu Baru Muhd. Haji Taib
wpol0087 Kenangan Tunku K. Das
wpol0088 Malaysian Critical Issues Kua Kia Soong



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