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A poem written on the occasion of Sarah’s baptism – 23/03/04



Rejoice the angels ‘tis blessed day

A prodigal child to her Father returned

All the world behind her laid

As the Princess entered the glorious Kingdom


Into the watery grave she did obliged

Buried there her Self forevermore

Tis day the Old really died

Twas the New Man that walked ashore


Lo, behold! ‘tis temple anew

The holy dwelling of God’s Spirit

No longer to sin will she yield

But His righteousness shall she seek


No longer a captive, no longer a slave

Bought to freedom by Jesus’ blood

Yet a while a sinner, but no longer deprave

Now a saint, a happy child of God


O’ praise Him our Father, whose grace abound

See how His stream of mercy flows

Tis day a lost sheep has been found

And restored to the Shepherd’s fold


O’ praise Him our Lord, whose love so great

Supplied His blood our penalty relieved

All ye sinners just raise thy heads

Just look and live, just look and live!


O’ praise the Holy Spirit, our Advocate

Verily God, Comforter of our pains

Hear Him today as He bade

“Ye must be born again! Born again!”